AWorld app in support of ActNow, 2020.

The AWorld app is created in support of ActNow, the UN Campaign for individual action, as a guide to help us live sustainably in the modern world, and collectively tackle the effects of climate change. AWorld provides a practical, incentivized pathway to simple, everyday action towards living a sustainable lifestyle, through logging and tracking everyday habits. The app also measures individual ecological impact, rewards responsible behaviour, provides educational journeys, tips and quizzes and connects you to a wider environmentally conscious community. By gamifying a more sustainably conscious lifestyle, AWorld reinforces actions that will create a real-life impact against the ecological crisis, as there simply is no Planet B. 

In November 2020, ActNow launched the Climate Action Superheroes campaign, targeting kids under the age of twelve as agents of change. Eight quirky superheroes – the Energy Expert, Fashion Fixer, Fume Fighter, Green Guide, Recycle Ranger, Truth Talker, Veggie Vindicator and Water Wizard – engage kids and parents, in fun missions on topics such as reducing single-use plastic, saving energy and water, fixing and reusing clothes, eating more vegetables, and sharing scientific facts. 

Click here to download AWorld. 

To play Climate Action Superheroes, click here.