Claudia Comte, Dreaming of Alligator Head, 2021.

A digital show by artist and 2021 Summit speaker Claudia Comte, Dreaming of Alligator Head, takes you around Claudia's underwater cactus sculptures in the East Portland Fish Sanctuary in Jamaica. The solo show can be entered for free via smartphone, turning you into a diver that is submerged in an ‘underwater seascape’, through which you can discover Claudia’s rather unexpected cactus sculptures. Claudia created a permanent underwater exhibition The Cacti Series during her tenure as a TBA21-Academy artist-in-residence at the Alligator Head Foundation, to be a monument for marine protection and a tribute to the collective effort of restoring the marine ecosystem. With this digital show, her work seems to be sprouting sea fauna amongst other thriving marine life, illustrating the purpose of her ‘original’ permanent underwater exhibition to support the rehabilitation of the reef and coral regrowth.  "I felt that as I would be taking this tropical wood out of the country I wanted to leave something in return," Claudia said. "It’s important to me that they serve a purpose, that they are not only sculptures on the seafloor."

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