Glenn Albrecht, Earth Emotions, 2019

Earth Emotions examines our emotional relationship with the earth, providing an important framework for anyone struggling to describe or express their feelings in this social ecological crisis. Glenn Albrecht, activist and global pioneer in transdisciplinary approaches to social and natural science, introduces us to many new words to help us describe our emotional relationship to a rapidly changing planet. As we face the overwhelming environmental impacts of the climate crisis, our relationships with the earth are also in crisis. One of the defining emotions of the 21st century is this overwhelming feeling of powerlessness in loss and isolation, which Glenn describes as “solastalgia”, a neologism for nostalgia, solace and desolation.
However, Glenn also introduces us to a hopeful vocabulary of positive earth emotions to overcome the distress of climate change and our ecocidal past and reignite a feeling of love for our home planet.

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Photo credit: Simone de Peak.