Alex Lambie, Enki Story, 2010.

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The ENKI Story is a 'modern fable' about compassionate living by writer, storyteller and installation artist Alex Lambie. The story is designed specifically for an immersive experience for individuals, communities and organisations aiming to (re)connect us with the power of our innate compassion as well as our connection to nature. 

Alex Lambie explains, "ENKI illuminates the causes and effects of greed, offering solutions and reminding us of the perfect simplicity of the essence of life itself. Whether you hear the surface level stories of individual, social and natural balance, or sense connection with your inner child and the tales of universal truths, what you get from ENKI now is what you are presently ready to receive, but the more you listen to it, the more it will reveal of itself, of you and of all life." By providing a meditative and shared experience through storytelling, ENKI offers a moment of reflection on human consciousness, building hope through re-establishing balance with nature. 

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