The São Paulo debate is moderated by Jochen Volz, 2019 Summit partner and director of the Pinacoteca de São Paulo.

Naine Terena
belongs to the Terena indigenous people of the state of Mato Grosso do Sul. She has a doctorate (PhD) in education, a Master’s degree in Art and a degree in Social Communication. Naine received a Postdoctoral fellowship in education (July 2015) at Lêtece-UFMT and currently lectures at the Catholic University of Mato Grosso in the areas of Social Communication and Indigenous Education. She is a Cultural/Artist Producer at Oráculo Comunicação on education and culture, where she develops research projects, workshops and activities related to education, culture and militancy.

Click here to watch Naine's 2021 Summit Talk, and here to watch her 2019 Summit Talk. 


Photo credit: Frederik Jacobovits.