Mats Olofgörs and Hans Peterson, Olope-projects.

The Swedish artist and architect Mats Olofgörs and artist Hans Peterson participated in the 2020 Verbier Art Summit and hereby present their environmental landscape design through some of their community-building projects: Olope-projects. With their interdisciplinary approach between art, architecture and landscaping, they aim to contribute their artistic expertise and various other skills towards society-building developments: “Contemporary community-building requires new solutions with demands for greater care for the environment. In our work we have used projects’ waste, by-products and other “conflicts” as a means of expression. Our projects have resulted in exciting designs with surprising, synergy effects where – among other things – environmental gains have been made possible.” Olope-projects call for an active dialogue based on the conditions of the space and the landscape and include projects such as: Alirs Öga (‘Alir's Eye’) – Söderhamn, and NOD (‘NODE’), look-out and landmark – Nynäshamn. 

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Photo credit: Mats Olofgörs and Hans Peterson, Bure, Norra Stadsberget – Sundsvall, 2004.