Naomi Klein, On Fire: The (Burning) Case for a Green New Deal, 2019. 

Award-winning journalist and New York Times bestselling author Naomi Klein addresses the ‘burning urgency’ of the climate crisis, as well as the ‘fiery’ growing energy towards the political vision of the Green New Deal. She has been one of the leading voices at the intersection of social and environmental movements, and argues that the only way out from the threat of an environmental catastrophe, is through policy reform. This reform will transform our economies to concurrently tackle climate change and social inequality. 

On Fire is a collection of Naomi’s environmental essays based on her extensive research and reporting spanning the last decade through various stages of the ecological crisis. She delves into not only the political challenges of climate change, but also the spiritual and philosophical, suggesting that climate change cannot be separated from other critical social issues. The book is a call for urgent transformation through collective roots-up action and 'a warning of what will happen if we do not act now'. 

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