Federico Campagna: Overmorrow’s Library, 2020

Overmorrow’s Library (2020) is a podcast series about culture and philosophy by 2019 Summit speaker Federico Campagna, presented by the Summit’s cultural partner Centre d'Art Contemporain Genève. Frederico is an Italian philosopher known for his interdisciplinary work on metaphysics, theology and cultural studies. In this series, Frederico acts as a librarian to Overmorrow’s Library, operating a selection of books and authors on the cultural production of worlds, apocalypses, apocatastases and post-future culture. By examining the concepts of world-building, cosmogony and cosmology, Frederico hopes to unravel the limits of how worlds come into existence, and "how we as a civilization will be able to speak about ourselves today, to the people who will inhabit the world the day after tomorrow”. True to Frederico’s interdisciplinary research methods, the shelves of Overmorrow’s Library span across topics of mysticism, politics, mythology, philosophy, video-game design and more.

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