Sharon Castellanos, Herbarium x Symbiosis, 2017. 

Artist Sharon Castellanos participated in a collaborative project entitled Herbarium x Symbiosis, as part of the SMArt programme (Sustainable Mountain Art) organised by the Summit’s cultural partner FDDM (Foundation for the Sustainable Development of Mountain Regions). SMArt aims to highlight the challenges facing mountain regions to both decision-makers and the population as a whole through artworks and more particularly through photography. 

Sharon is a Peruvian artist whose work aims to transfigure situations through documentary photography, challenging the notion of reality as evidence. Symbiosis is centred on the work and everyday life of herbalists and focuses on the ancestral tradition of picking of wild and medicinal plants by the inhabitants of the Canton of Valais (Switzerland). The documentary photography series produced during Sharon’s stay in Valais shows the direct benefit between the human being and the herbs, their habitats, atmospheres.

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