This debate is moderated by Jochen Volz, 2019 Summit partner and director of the Pinacoteca de São Paulo.

Ailton Krenak 
is a writer, researcher, environmentalist and indigenous leader. Originating from the Krenak people, Ailton dedicated his studies and life to activism and the indigenous movement, articulating actions and organizations in favor of the rights of indigenous peoples such as their rights over their lands, languages, cultures and lives. Ailton founded the NGO Nucleus of Indigenous Culture, as well as the Union of Indigenous Nations (UNI) to unify indigenous claims. Ailton is also well-known as a writer, publishing books such as Ideias para adiar o fim do mundo (Ideas to postpone the end of the world, 2019), A vida não é útil (Life is not useful, 2020) and O Amanhã Não Está à Venda (Tomorrow is not for sale, 2020). In 2020, he won the Juca Pato Intellectual of the Year Award, given by the União Brasileira de Escritores. 

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