The Prince Claus Fund & Goethe-Institut, Take Me to the River, 2021.

A multi-media online exhibition curated by Maya El Khalil, Take Me to the River is the result of a 3-year collaboration between the Goethe-Institut and the Prince Claus Fund on artistic and cultural responses to climate change. A global collection of 15 interdisciplinary artistic projects from Africa, Asia, the Caribbean, Central and South America, takes you through the landscapes, stories, experiences and responses from local communities related to the climate emergency. By highlighting diverse environmental issues of extractive practices, environmental abuse and the violation of indigenous rights, the exhibition aims to propose alternative responses to the climate crisis and promote a collective call for action. The exhibition transports you across five narratives; Subject of Rights, Object of Abuse, Nature Prosecutes, Humanity Sentenced, and Motion to Recover. Works by Misha Vallejo (Ecuador), Diana Rico and Richard Decaillet (Colombia), Arko Datto (India), Mohamed Mahdy (Egypt), Gilberto Esparza (Mexico) and others. 

The Prince Claus Fund for Culture and Development supports culture internationally, and along with the cultural organisations Hivos and the European Cultural Foundation (ECF), they released a new book entitled Forces of Art (2020). Forces of Art is the culmination of an international research initiative by the three foundations, examining the ways in which artistic and cultural practices shape their own societies. 
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Photo credit: Arko Datto, Shunyo Raja (Kings of a Bereft Land).